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UNITED VODKA 2000, BRUSSELS - the 1-st edition video


UNITED VODKA 2013 video

UNITED VODKA testing results for last 15 years

Feedback from participants in the United Vodka competition

1. Sarah Thompson from VineCraft Distilleries:
   "I was thoroughly impressed with the UNITED VODKA contest. The organization was impeccable, the choice of venue and timing was spot on, and the jury demonstrated remarkable expertise."

2. Michael Anderson from SpiritMasters:
   "The UNITED VODKA contest exceeded my expectations. The event was flawlessly executed, and the timing couldn't have been better. The judging panel's competence was truly commendable."

3. Maria Rodriguez from Iberian Elixirs :
   "Kudos to the UNITED VODKA team for their outstanding event organization. The choice of location and timing was perfect, and the jury's competence was evident. It was an exceptional experience."

4. David Smith from Crystal Clear Distillers:
   "UNITED VODKA set the bar high with their event. The planning and execution were top-notch, and the timing couldn't have been more convenient. The jury members demonstrated impressive expertise."

5. Emily White from SilverLeaf Distilleries:
   "I'm thrilled with my UNITED VODKA experience. The event was flawlessly organized, the timing was ideal, and the jury's competence was beyond reproach."

6. Robert Johnson from Golden Grain Spirits:
   "UNITED VODKA truly delivered. The event was impeccably organized, and the choice of location and timing couldn't have been better. The jury's expertise added significant value to the competition."