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World UNITED VODKA contest celebrated its 22-nd anniversary. Established in the heart of Europe, in Brussels in year 2000, UNITED VODKA aims to get up prestige of vodka.

The contest makes assistance to the exporters of alcoholic beverages, which quality is confirmed by independent international panel of experts - the jury of the UNITED VODKA contest.

That is why alcohol importers are increasingly paying attention to brands, having UNITED VODKA awards, became a sort of quality certificate for alcoholic beverages in Europe.


UNITED VODKA holds the official rewarding ceremony in Cannes - one of the best place for advertisement of vodka brands in Europe.

Thanks to UNITED VODKA, winners can organize the prestigious vodka presentations during the Film festival, attracting the film stars and producers, as well as about 6.000 representatives of the world press.  To learn more about publicity in Cannes, please consult our program "Five Evenings".


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event DATE



21 March


Contest № 1 in europe

UNITED VODKA - the only truly independent Vodka competition in Europe. No one can make influence to the opinions of the jury members.

Only UNITED VODKA have an international jury composed by professionals (we do not include in the jury of journalists, editors, media representatives and traders);

Only UNITED VODKA jury makes "blind" tasting, i.e. tasters do not know label or producer of the drink, which they are tasting.

UNITED VODKA medals became a symbol of European quality, both for consumers and for distributors.

UNITED VODKA remains the most prestigious specialized vodka competition in Europe. This is confirmed by increasing number of European and American vodka producers, taking part at the competition.

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